Thursday, December 20, 2012

[PUBLISHED WORK] Zigzag Surfing Magazine Issue 37.1

So totally and utterly stoked to have another shot printed in South African surfing magazine, Zigzag. And even more stoked that it's in the issue with SA's female surfing sensation, Bianca Buitendag, gracing the cover. Bianca just made the 2013 World Tour - really looking forward to watching her progress in the new year. Get your copy of Zag to check it out! Thanks again to the Zag crew for choosing to run my line-up shot (featured on the right, terrible scan quality, sorry!). 

P.S. This shot also won Surfline's October Photo Challenge - thank you so much to everyone who spontaneously voted for my image. Whoever you are, you rock! Read my interview here

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