Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ice Breaker Cable Wakeboarding Event

Cape Town's local cable park, Blue Rock, hosted an obstacle-only event on the 16th of June. I was so excited about being asked to photograph the event - wakeboarding (well, cable) is a sport I am absolutely passionate about. Despite the windy conditions, all the riders took to the course of UNIT obstacles with determination and gave spectators a radical display of their well-honed skills. What impressed me most were the amount of young up & coming riders; it's great to see the determination and focus of the groms; a focus that, if retained, could see some serious cable & wake stars coming out of SA in the near future. I'll shortly be uploading a full gallery to my Facebook page here.

[FEATURE] PR for the Ice Breaker Wakeboarding Event

I recently photographed a cable wakeboarding event at Blue Rock. My photographs were featured in a number of online press releases via ExtremeSportsMagazine.com, Liquid Adrenalin Magazine, Dirty Habits Boardriders & LW Mag. I got a really surprising & lovely mention too - thanks to author, Samuel Reichmuth from Blue Rock, for the kind words about my photographs!
"One that stands out, out of the many great photographers is Claire Butler. She has a great eye! She captures not only the stunning angles and action in the right moment but also frames a shot with a good composition. When it comes to wakeboarding, and similarly in all extreme sports, capturing the moment is gold. The riders do something to show one specific moment and if the photographer is not familiar to the sport, it is easy to miss exactly that. Claire captured the press, the poke, the spins and the grabs, etc. with a composition of atmosphere very well. Definitely an extreme-sports photographer to keep an eye out for."

For the gallery of photographs from the event, visit my Facebook page here.

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Sky's on Fire

One of my favourite things about Winter in Cape Town are the sunsets. At the end of a calm and clear Winter's day, the sun goes down and sets the sky on fire. Here's just one of the many beautiful sunsets I've witnessed over the past few weeks.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

[FEATURE] Dirty-Habits Boardriders Website - Interview

Apologies for the lack of posts recently; I have been shooting lots but all the pics are under-wraps and hopefully making it to print soon. In the meantime, local website Dirty-Habits Boardriders did a little interview with me. Click through on the picture below to read it.

Monday, June 4, 2012

[CANVAS PRINTS] A happy customer

Carole ordered a canvas print of one of my images as a present for her boyfriend, Daniel. The couple live up in the land-locked city of Johannesburg, and with Daniel being a big surfing fan it's a welcome escape to stare at the beach even if it is only on the wall. She sent me this image of Daniel stoked to be putting the canvas up on the wall above their bed. It's a great alternative to having paper posters, which unfortunately don't age as well as a high quality canvas print.

If you'd like to order a canvas print of any of my images, please drop me an email for a quote (please include which image and at what size). International orders are welcome. 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

West Coast Boardriders Surf Series Event 2

The west coast of our peninsula offers more than just a fantastic view; there are a number of awesome surf spots and with that, a number of awesome surfers. This weekend our beautiful west coast played host to the West Coast Boardriders surfing competition. I was unfortunately only able to shoot a couple of heats on the morning of the last day but from what I hear the rest of the event was a huge success; I'm looking forward to the next one. Find out more about the West Coast Boardriders by joining their facebook page here.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Billabong SA Champs 2012

Last week (& weekend) the Billabong SA Surfing Champs took place in Cape Town. The weather didn't quite play ball but some amazing surfing went down. It was a treat to photograph some of the best surfers that SA has to offer all in one place. Final results were u20 boys champ - Mikey February, u20 girls champ - Heidi Palmboom, Open Men's champ - Casey Grant, and Open Women's champ - Nikita Robb. Here are some of my favourite shots from the 4 days of surfing. I'll be uploading the rest into an album on my Facebook page here.

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