Tuesday, June 26, 2012

[FEATURE] PR for the Ice Breaker Wakeboarding Event

I recently photographed a cable wakeboarding event at Blue Rock. My photographs were featured in a number of online press releases via ExtremeSportsMagazine.com, Liquid Adrenalin Magazine, Dirty Habits Boardriders & LW Mag. I got a really surprising & lovely mention too - thanks to author, Samuel Reichmuth from Blue Rock, for the kind words about my photographs!
"One that stands out, out of the many great photographers is Claire Butler. She has a great eye! She captures not only the stunning angles and action in the right moment but also frames a shot with a good composition. When it comes to wakeboarding, and similarly in all extreme sports, capturing the moment is gold. The riders do something to show one specific moment and if the photographer is not familiar to the sport, it is easy to miss exactly that. Claire captured the press, the poke, the spins and the grabs, etc. with a composition of atmosphere very well. Definitely an extreme-sports photographer to keep an eye out for."

For the gallery of photographs from the event, visit my Facebook page here.

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