Sunday, July 6, 2014



Today I'm kicking off a new weekly feature on my blog called #AdventureSunday. Find out more about the concept below.

As a kid, I hated Sunday. It was the day I was dragged along to family lunches, only to get home to the fate of an early night in preparation for school on Monday. As I got older, Sundays reputation only seemed to worsen. School was replaced with varsity, and then work, and Sunday maintained its purpose of being nothing more than that day at the end of the week where I was forced to prep for a long week ahead. As a result, I usually ended up doing sweet bugger all on a Sunday, with the exception of a morning surf, followed by home chilling, series watching, and a slow descent towards full blown pre-Monday Blues.

That all changed when I started taking photographs. A second spent indoors became a wasted opportunity. My desire to explore and document every inch of my beautiful city became greater than the threat of an unprepared Monday. And so, Adventure Sunday was born.

#AdventureSunday is a challenge to my fiance, Nick and I, to do something adventurous every single Sunday. It's not a showcase of professional photographs, but more a personal account of the adventures and experiences behind taking my shots. The past month has seen us chasing surf through the Boland, exploring the Atlantic Seabord on a SUP, and most recently, searching for snow along the R46. I'll be doing a few retrospective posts on these adventures.

Check back every Sunday evening to see what we got up to, view a map of our route, and read our thoughts and recommendations from our experience. Follow our Sunday adventures on Instagram (@clairebutlerphoto) or take part in your own adventure and share your images on the hashtag #adventuresunday_CT.

Yours in adventuring, because life's too short not to.


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