Thursday, February 7, 2013

One Shot - a surf photography documentary

It's not often that I share videos on my blog but I came across this one this morning. It's called "One Shot" - a short documentary on world renowned surf photographer, Russel Ord. I have the utmost respect for water surf photographers who put themselves in the most insane situations to capture the perfect moment. These guys are the real talent in surf photography. Here's an excerpt on the film from the official website:

"'One Shot' is a short documentary that looks into the life of Russell Ord, a West Australian, world renowned surf Photographer as he embarks on a mission to capture 'one shot' that defines who he is, not just what he does. A husband and father of 3, Russell has for years shot professional surfers and ocean scapes, only to wake up one day and look back on his images with total emptiness and dissatisfaction"

Watch the trailer below and donate to the project here.

ONE SHOT- an Image and an Attitude (teaser) from Darren McCagh on Vimeo.

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